What Do Real Estate Inspectors Look For In Homes?

Posted on: 21 April 2023

When buying a house, you can hire a real estate inspector if you want to, but you don't have to hire one. Some people choose not to hire inspectors to save money, while others feel they don't need inspections for new homes. However, many people hire inspectors to learn more about a home's condition when buying a house. But what do inspectors look for when evaluating houses? Here is a list of some of the primary things.

Home exterior

An inspector might begin the process outside, as they must examine numerous things relating to the home's exterior. They will walk around the house and look at the overall condition of its exterior. The inspector will examine the roof, soffit, and gutters, making notes about their conditions. They'll also look at the drainage, foundation, and windows.

Plumbing and electrical systems

Older homes tend to have more problems with plumbing and electrical systems, but inspectors can also check these systems in new homes. Starting with the plumbing system, they will look for several things, including leaks. They will test every plumbing fixture to ensure they work. They'll also check the water pressure and ensure that each has hot water. When it comes to the electrical system, the inspector looks for several things, including safety. They might also test outlets and light switches to make sure they work.

Foundation, mold, and water damage

Inspectors also look for major issues involving a home's foundation, including mold and water damage. For example, are there signs of water damage? Does the home have a potential for mold or water leaks?

Windows and doors

Inspectors also spend time evaluating a home's doors and windows. They test each window to ensure they open and close. They also look for signs of wear and leaks. The same is true for exterior doors.

Overall condition

Finally, the inspector will examine all the other parts of the house. They will look at the flooring, cabinets, and layout. They'll note the condition of these areas and the improvements they find. They'll write the details in a report, which they give to the home buyer. The buyer can learn these details by reading the report.

Hire a real estate inspector

If you're buying a house, do you want to safeguard yourself? You can by hiring a real estate inspector. The inspector will analyze hundreds of things with the house and tell you the results.

For more information, contact a local real estate inspector.


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