Tips For Renting An Apartment When You Have Dogs

Posted on: 4 January 2023

Renting can be challenging for dog owners, which might be something that you're learning if you are a dog owner who is currently looking for a place to rent. These tips can help you out if you're looking to rent an apartment as a dog owner.

Make Sure Dogs Are Allowed   

First of all, you should know that many apartment complexes do not allow dogs at all. Since you might not want to waste your time even looking at apartments where your dogs will not be welcome, this might be one of the first and primary things you will want to look for or ask about when you're looking at your different rental options.

Check for Dog-Related Restrictions

Not only should you make sure that the apartment will allow you to have dogs, but you should inquire about any dog-related restrictions. Some apartments will only allow you to have a certain number of dogs. Some have restrictions about the size of your dog, while others have breed-related restrictions.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

If you're going to be sharing your apartment with dogs, you'll want to make sure that you have enough space. This might be particularly true if you have multiple larger dogs. Therefore, you may want to look into an apartment that has multiple bedrooms instead of a studio apartment.

Look for Dog-Friendly Amenities

Some apartment complexes have more dog-friendly amenities than others. You may want to look for an apartment that has a dog park or walking trails that you can take your dog on for exercise, for example.

Check Into Pricing

Naturally, you should compare pricing for different apartments when you're shopping for a place to live, whether you have dogs or not. If you do have one or more dogs, though, you should definitely ask about things like refundable or non-refundable pet deposits, which are typically added on top of the standard security deposit. Some apartments charge a monthly "pet rent" based off of the number of dogs that you have, too. You'll want to be aware of all of these costs so you can choose an apartment that fits your budget and so you can be financially prepared for the costs of moving.

Prepare Your Dog

Depending on the rules of your apartment, you might have to provide proof that your pet has been vaccinated or even spayed or neutered. Taking your dog to the vet to get up-to-date paperwork on these things can help make move-in a little easier.

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