How To Make Your Vacation Rental More Family-Friendly

Posted on: 5 November 2020

If you own a vacation rental in an area with a lot of family attractions, then you can bet that most of your renters will be bringing family with them. How can you make sure your rental is more accommodating to these families? Here are a few simple things you can do and changes you can make.

Put some kids' dinnerware and silverware in the cabinets

Purchase a few small, plastic, kid-size plates, a few sets of kids' silverware, and some sippy cups. Put them in the cabinets for visitors to use during their stay. Parents will enjoy not having to worry that their kids might break the adult-size ceramic plates or glasses, and kids will enjoy being able to use items that are sized for them.

Add some kid-friendly board games to the living room

Add a couple of kid-friendly, all-ages board games to the living room. You can't go wrong with classics like Candy Land and Chute and Ladders. This will ensure families have something to do if there is a rainy day when they want to stay inside. It will also keep families from having to pack entertainment items like this, which can be really helpful since families already tend to have a lot of suitcases to haul along.

Put bunk beds in one bedroom

Kids love bunk beds because they are fun and different from what they have from home. Parents like bunk beds because they let each kid have their own bed, so there are fewer arguments over "he's on my side!" Plus, you can fit two beds in a small space when you add bunk beds to your rental. You may be able to start advertising it as a 5-bed, rather than a 4-bed, for example, which will open it up as an option to more families.

Put child safety devices on windows, outlets, etc

Go through the rental, and treat it as you would treat your own home if you were about to have a child. Put caps on all the electrical outlets. Make sure the windows all lock tightly and add extra locks if they do not. Consider putting a locking lid on the toilet and a scald protector on the main faucets. Then, update your rental listing to state that the home has been childproofed. Parents with young kids will really appreciate this.

If you follow the tips above, you're sure to have one of the most family-friendly rentals in town. For more tips on making your vacation rental family-friendly, reach out to a local real estate agent.


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