Buying A Home Way Out Of City Limits: Things You Should Know

Posted on: 30 May 2019

You have spotted a beautiful home that is perfect for you and your family. The real estate agent you are working with does warn you that being outside of city limits can come along with some slight downfalls. It is important to be fully conscious of any downfalls that could come along with a property purchase as a homebuyer. Take a look at some of the things you should know about buying a home well outside of city limits. 

There will likely be wildlife to contend with on a regular basis. 

Wildlife is more present in places where there are not a lot of humans. In some places, wild animals will radiate from developing cities and towns to the outskirts where there is less commotion and they feel safer. If you are buying a home that is far out of city limits, especially in some locations, you are likely going to see a lot more wildlife than you would in town. For some homeowners, this sounds like a good thing, but having more wildlife in the vicinity can be problematic because: 

  • It can be worrisome if you have small children or pets
  • It can make it harder to grow a garden or do some types of landscaping
  • It can mean you are more likely to see certain pests, such as insects or mice 

You probably won't have access to some public utilities. 

Having access to public utilities is important to most homeowners. Moving to the outskirts of the city limits can mean you may not have total access to everything you would have in the city. For instance, cable and internet services may not have lines that run all the way to more rural locations and some places may not yield you access to the public water supply. before buying a home in an area outside of city limits, talk to the real estate agent to find out what utilities and services will be available. 

Your home may require more upkeep than usual. 

It is typical to find houses for sale inside city limits to come along with things like lawn care or trash removal because they are part of a homeowner's association that oversees all of that. However, if you buy a home in a secluded area all to itself, all of that property maintenance will likely be your responsibility. For most homeowners, however, the serenity is a good reward for having to be totally responsible for maintaining their property. 

Speak with a real estate agent for more information.


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