When A Tiny Home Is The Smarter Choice

Posted on: 13 October 2017

The mini-mansion trend has shifted in a big way, going all the way in the other direction, toward tiny homes. Most everyone now has heard about this way of choosing smaller, tidier abodes that are entirely mobile, and you may have seen some of the amazingly clever uses of space these little living spaces provide. If you're looking at homes for sale, you might want to consider a tiny home. Read on to find out why.

What exactly is a tiny home?

This brand new entry into the housing market has no well-defined rules about what is considered "tiny", but they must be small enough to be pulled by a vehicle easily and they tend to run about 100 to 400 square feet in size. When you realize that the average home in this country is a whopping 2,600 square feet, you can see how much less space a tiny home has. When you ask these tiny home devotees what they love about their small spaces they cite:

  1. The Cost: Anyone who's owned or even rented a good sized home knows all about how much it costs to maintain it, heat and cool it, and more. Less space just naturally means less money needed to keep it up. Additionally, these homes cost less to purchase in the first place, which allows more people than ever before to become homeowners. Those cost savings create more loose change to spend on things other than a roof over the head, and the need to work less hours or earn less pay can free up time and promote well-being. For example, spending less on housing could mean that you can reduce your hours enough to pursue your dreams of becoming an artist.
  2. The Mobility: Imagine not only visiting a beautiful location for vacation, but actually living there for a time and becoming part of that community. If you can drive there, you can move your tiny home there, which means living near friends, work opportunities, visiting your grandchildren, and more--all with the option to pick up and move on a moment's notice.
  3. Simplification: Less space will mean that you must make some tough decisions about what to carry around with you, and it is this action that can help people realize what their priorities really are. Tiny homes hold more storage than you might imagine, but you cannot expect to keep the dishes, photographs, shoes, and other things with you from your larger home. You may need to consider some storage options to store some of your belongings. Then, you can focus your attention on experiences and people, instead of possessions.

Saving Money On Real Estate

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