Selling Your Home In The Next Year? 3 Things To Take Care Of Before Listing

Posted on: 15 February 2017

Becoming a homeowner requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and dedication. Once you accomplish this goal, you will have an easier time trying to sell your home in the future. But, you should still plan everything beforehand to improve your experience with selling the property. An excellent idea is to figure out when you intend on moving out in about a year and then begin planning. Putting time and effort into certain aspects as the date gets closer and until you sell will help you when the home is listed.

Inspect the Heating and Cooling System

The first thing that you will want to keep an eye on is the heating and cooling system. It is important to know that the heater is working during winter and the cooling system is operational during summer. But, you will also want to have these systems inspected after being used heavily for several months. You do not want issues to arise when a prospective buyer has the home inspected after you accept their offer.

Get an Electrical Inspection

Another major system in the home that you do not want to forget about is the electrical one. It should not be hard to have an electrician come over and thoroughly inspect your home. The key is to make sure your home is abiding by all building code requirements and to make changes if necessary. This will prevent you from getting into a situation in which the buyer requests that these adjustments be made. A scenario like this will extend the time that it takes to sell the home, and it could lead to a buyer pulling away.

Maintain the Wood

A year is plenty of time for something to go wrong, especially with the wood portions of your home. If you have a fence, you want to inspect it throughout the year to constantly monitor its condition. Hiring a professional to pressure wash the fence a year before selling will bring its beauty back, but the most important part is that it will reveal any major problems that the fence could be facing. This will allow you to hire a fencing contractor to make the necessary repairs in preparation for selling the home. If you have worn down hardwood flooring, you may want to pay for refinishing, which costs an average of $1,570. It is a small price to pay for drastically increasing the visual appeal of the house's interior.

Spending a whole year getting your house ready to sell will ultimately lead to a better selling experience. Talk to a real estate agency for more tips and information on how to sell your home. 


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