Buying A Country Home: Things To Consider

Posted on: 14 February 2017

Buying a house out in the country has many benefits. You get the perks of not having to be right in the heart of town and get to enjoy the rustic world around you. Before you buy the country home of your dreams, make sure you do the right research so you don't end up biting off more than you can chew.


Many rural homes come with outbuildings used for raising chickens, cleaning or storing farm equipment, or even for storing food. Outbuildings add charm and usefulness to a property but they also increase the home's value by a lot of money as well. If you don't plan on using a large barn for parking your vehicle or you don't think you will ever raise chickens in the on-site coop, remember that you will be paying for the outbuildings as part of your home purchase anyway. You will either want to move on to a property that does not have as much real estate to offer (and will therefore likely be cheaper) or you will want to try to come up with ways you can utilize outbuildings for a more modern use.

Distance from town

Driving into town daily for errands, work, and school may seem like a small sacrifice to make at first, but before long can turn into a hefty chore that makes you feel isolated from others. Before you buy a country home, take the drive into town and back from the property in question so you know realistically how long it will take you to buy milk or drop your kids off at school. If you only want to live a short distance from your work or school, talk to your real estate agent so they only look for country homes close to city limits.

Country details

Even if you want a country home in the middle of town, you can still take advantage of this kind of property's charm. Look for country home details, including large porch areas, ample shelving in the kitchen, domed archways, and original hardwood flooring to make your purchase complete. Many country homes have rustic features, such as a storage crawl space or built-in curio cabinets, to add simple charm. As you explore country homes in your area don't be afraid to buy a home that hasn't been entirely upgraded as it may then carry perks you would have to pay big money for to add on to make your home more authentic later.


Saving Money On Real Estate

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