What Are The Best Places For Homesteading?

Posted on: 13 February 2017

If you've thought about living off-grid and being more self-sufficient, moving to a place that supports your goals is paramount. However, the United States is so varied in its geography, natural resources, and climes that it can be challenging figuring out the best place to set up shop. Ultimately, the ideal state for you to live in depends on your specific needs and goals. Here are some suggestions.

Best Place for Food Stuffs

You can cut out a lot of things in your quest to become more self-sufficient and still live a happy and healthy life. However, food is not one of them. When relocating with self-sufficiency in mind, it's important to choose a place where you can grow a wide variety of crops and/or access other foodstuffs (e.g. fish) for your personal use or to sell for income.

Farming can provide the most stability in terms of generating a dependable source of food, but you need to live in a place that has good soil, regular rain fail, and ideal temperatures for a better part of the year. California has long been an ideal location for growing crops, despite its recent struggle with droughts. Additionally, the state passed The Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act that reduced taxes to encourage more people to get into agriculture, which can help you save money on your property.

If moving to the west coast doesn't appeal to you, the Midwest is another good area for growing foodstuffs. North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas all have good soil and weather conditions for growing food and raising livestock. Be aware, though, that some Midwestern areas suffer from severe weather events, such as tornadoes. So it's essential you evaluate the risk vs. rewards when considering these places.

Energy Production

Unless you are moving to an area where there are absolutely no people, you will generally have access to public energy utilities such as electricity or gas. Being self-sufficient, however, means you should invest in some technology that helps you produce your own energy.

The most popular source of alternative energy right now are solar panels, which lets people capture and convert sunlight to usable electricity. Although solar panels can be installed on almost any home with a south-facing roof, there are some places in the US that are better for solar than others.

In particular, states that get a lot of sunlight year round are good places to live, such as Nevada, Arizona, and California. However, you should also take into account government incentives for installing solar that could save you money. For instance, Louisiana, Oregon, and Connecticut have the highest incentives for homeowners.

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