Complete This Checklist When You Visit An Apartment That You Hope To Rent

Posted on: 13 February 2017

When you find an online listing for an apartment that you hope will suit the needs of your family, your next step is to schedule a time to visit the building and tour the unit — ideally, with each member of your family so that everyone gets a chance to evaluate the apartment. You'll be met by a rental agent who will walk you through the unit and the building as a whole, and you'll also have an opportunity to go through any questions you may have. It's useful to have a mental checklist of things you want to verify when you visit the unit. If you're concerned you may get overwhelmed and forget an item on this checklist, simply write it down and reference it during your visit. Here are a handful of important things to check during this visit.

Water Pressure

Don't be shy about turning on the tap in the kitchen or bathroom and checking the water pressure. You want to rent an apartment that has strong water pressure for its tenants. Note the force with which the water flows out of the tap and estimate how quickly it might take to fill a glass, for example. You may also wish to turn on the shower or tub faucet to gauge how the pressure seems. If the pressure is not to your satisfaction, ask the rental agent if the unit's water tank can be adjusted to improve the pressure.


While it's common to occasionally hear your neighbors when you live in an apartment, you want to choose a building that is as quiet as possible. When you visit the unit, listen for how quiet the unit sounds. Can you hear TVs playing or people talking on the other side of the walls? Similarly, note how well the apartment's walls and windows block out noise from outside. If there are multiple units available for rent, you may wish to visit a couple to assess how well you can hear traffic from each.


It's important to take a moment to smell the unit you're thinking about renting. Ideally, it will smell fresh and clean. You don't want to smell any indicators of mildew in areas that can often be damp, such as the bathroom. If the unit smells a little, open the windows or the balcony door to assess how quickly the smell dissipates. Additionally, keep your nose open for smells emanating from neighboring units. Ideally, neighbors will be able to cook potent-smelling foods without you being able to tell. This is a sign that the building is ventilated properly.

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