What Not to Do to Sell Your Home

Posted on: 9 February 2017

If you have recently placed your home on the market, you may be wondering if you should spiff it up a bit for potential buyers. There are plenty of positive moves you could make to enhance the appearance of your home and update the look, but there are plenty of missteps as well. Most of the points below have to do with making your home too personalized for a new buyer, when you have no idea what they want. Read on to learn about what not to do to make your home more attractive to buyers.

Do not take your kitchen cabinet doors off

It has become trendy to put your plates, cups and everything else on full display, but this is one trend that you may want to step away from. Not everyone has museum quality crockery, and the look can be cluttered if your dishes are like most: miss-matched, chipped, made of plastic, etc. If you need another reason to drop that screwdriver, many people hate the thought of the dust that can accumulate on open shelving.

Turn one of the bedrooms into an office

It's preferable that your home actually does have a dedicated room to outfit as an office, but don't steal that valuable real estate space to make one from a bedroom. Most buyers need several bedrooms, and want to see those rooms as bedrooms, not as an office. One more thing, don't turn your garage into an office or den either. People want a place to store stuff and maybe even to park the car.

Remove your bathtubs and put in showers

Just because you don't need a bathtub yourself, don't jump to the conclusion that your buyer does not. Showers have become state of the art, large spa-like rooms, but most people need at least one tub. Children sometimes need a tub to bathe in and lots of people love to soak in a tub. On a related noted, don't even consider removing your bathroom door. If you have done so, get thee to a home improvement store and replace it immediately. No matter how immodest you may be, you can rest assured that the vast majority of people require privacy in the bathroom.

Remove trees

Buyers love treed lots, regardless of the problems they can bring. They provide shade, cool your home and look pretty. If there are diseased trees, roots cracking your driveway or interfering with your plumbing pipes, etc. you should, of course take action. Try to keep the ax action to a minimum though,

To find out more ideas for selling your home, speak to your real estate agent.


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