Tips for Prepping Your Home's Kitchen Before Listing Your House for Sale

Posted on: 6 February 2017

If you have decided that it is time to list your home and buy a larger one, then there are many things you need to do to ensure that you get the best sales price possible. The kitchen is one area of your home that buyers will scrutinize when they come to open house events. Since the kitchen is such an important part of a home, you should spend some time preparing it for the sale. Thankfully, you do not need to make expensive repairs or remodel the space to make it acceptable for buyers. Instead, follow these simple tips: 

Deep Clean Every Surface of the Kitchen

Since potential buyers need to be able to see themselves preparing food in your home's kitchen, you need to provide them with a very clean space in which to do so. From the ceiling down to the floors, the kitchen needs to be clean and sparkling. When you clean, don't forget to dust light fixtures, clean tile grout, and deep clean the vent hood. 

Clean Out and Disinfect the Cabinet Under the Sink

If you are like most homeowners, then you likely have a collection of cleaners and other miscellaneous stuff stored in the cabinet under your kitchen's sink. Additionally, you probably haven't washed out the cabinet since you first moved into the house. If this is the case, take a moment to remove everything from the cabinet, clean and disinfect it so it smells fresh and looks clean, and then put back in just the bare necessities. This is important because many buyers will open this cabinet to check for a leak. You want buyers to see that you care for your home and your cabinet is clean and nothing is leaking. 

Clean the Clutter from Your Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

As buyers are walking around your home's kitchen, it is natural that they will open up the cabinets and check to see if there is enough space for their food, dishes, and other kitchen utensils. You can help to show them that your kitchen has plenty of space by removing any clutter or old food. If you have items that you rarely use, pack them away in boxes to clear the space.

Outfit the Kitchen with Necessary Safety Devices

Finally, safety devices are necessary parts of every kitchen and show potential buyers that you care about your home and family. Before you list your home for sale, you should install a fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector in the kitchen. Additionally, you should purchase a new fire extinguisher that is rated for use in kitchens. Talk to a company like Universal Fire Equipment to make sure you're purchasing the best safety equipment for your home.


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