How A Locksmith Can Open Your Safe After Forgetting The Combination

Posted on: 2 February 2017

Many homeowners own a safe to protect their valuables and to hide their firearms. It is common to see combination safes in homes. Combination safes use a wheel pack in the lock. A wheel pack is a set of wheels that work together to create a specific combination to open a safe. The number of wheels in a set is determined by how many numbers in your combination. If you have a five-number combination, then there are five wheels. This type of lock also is made up of a combination dial that is connected to a spindle.

The workings of a combination safe are complex. If you forget the combination, then it is difficult to open without professional help. Read on to find out how a locksmith can open your safe after forgetting your combination.

Pry It Open

Prying the device open is one of the ways a locksmith can open your safe. It is done by prying the bolt and door out of the frame of the device. You must use time, energy and apply pressure. However, this method permanently damages your safe.  

Manipulate It

Safe manipulation is a time-consuming process. The method is accomplish using sound or touch. Most safes make a sound or vibrate when turning the dial. A locksmith uses a tool like a stethoscope to hear the sounds that your safe makes.

It can take from several minutes to hours when using manipulation. The amount of time depends on the skill level of the person opening your safe.

Most homeowners prefer the manipulation method. It is the preferred method because it does not creat a mess and leaves no trace of entry.

Drill It

Drilling consists of making a small hole into your safe. The hole is made so an instrument can fit into the lock. It also helps a locksmith see how to open the device. The drilling method is not as easy at this technique seems. Many manufacturers are making safes with advanced technology. Your locksmith must be knowledgeable about the lock to open it with the drilling method. If not, the job becomes more complicated and you may have to use another method.

Safes can serve a variety of uses in the home. Some homeowners use them to store important documents to protect against natural disasters or fires. It is important to not make the mistake and think safes only contain money. However, if you need to open one, then you should call in a professional, such as those at Arapahoe County Security Center Inc.


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