Fun In The Sun -- 3 Great Spots To Buy A Vacation Home In Arizona

Posted on: 30 January 2017

When many people think of buying a vacation home, they often think of faraway places, white beaches, or remote mountain tops. But, you can get an excellent and relaxing vacation home in many places that are much more affordable and easy to reach. For many in the Southwest, Arizona can offer just such a recipe for vacation fun. Here are 5 great places in this sun-drenched state to set up your own vacation paradise. 

The Grand Canyon. If you're not a desert lover, you probably think that Arizona isn't for you. But, in fact, the northern third of the state is a high elevation, mountainous, forested region that stands out in stark contrast to the areas around it. Aside from the stunning majesty of Grand Canyon National Park, you can find lots of outdoor activities in both summer and winter. Hike the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff in the summer and ski them in the winter. The Painted Desert, Meteor Crater, and Monument Valley all provide unique experiences you can only find in this rugged area. While northern Arizona is becoming more popular — and thus, more expensive — you can still find plenty of deals on vacation property. 

Sedona. If you want a more artistic and free-thinking environment, you may find the perfect spot in Sedona. Surrounded by gorgeous vistas of red sandstone rocks and hills, this popular resort city seems a world away from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix. Sedona is famous for its new age and holistic pursuits — perpetuated by stories of unique spiritual energies in the area — but can be ideal for more traditional vacation relaxation like jazz gatherings, film festivals, and arts workshops. Due to its popularity, Sedona real estate can be pricey, but it's worth the investment for many.

Page and Lake Powell. Lake Powell, near the border with Utah, isn't a real lake at all. Formed by the flooding created by Glen Canyon Dam in 1956, Lake Powell now provides a welcome watery respite to the harsh terrain all around it. Vacationers can waterski and waterboard, kayak, fish, and boat on the picturesque waters. Aside from the lake, Page serves as a great entry point for exploring several nearby national parks, Indian ruins, and historical sites. Float on the Colorado River and hike in the stunning formations of Antelope Canyon. Because Page is a lesser-known tourist area, it's a great choice for home shopping on a budget.

While known for its deserts, Arizona actually offers any vacation homeowner a variety of climates and community personalities. So, no matter what your taste and sense of adventure, you can find something to satisfy it on any budget.  


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