8 Tips for Handling a Basement Flood

Posted on: 30 January 2017

Following a flood in your basement, you have a limited amount of time to take action to prevent mold. Mold can be more than unsightly. It can be a health hazard for you and your family. If your basement recently flooded, here are some steps you need to take now.  

  1. Disconnect the power. Even if there are only a few inches of water in the basement, there is still a risk of electrocution. Once the power is disconnected, remove all electrical items from the room.  

  2. Check the basement drain. Ideally, the floor drain in your basement should help pump out some of the water. However, the drain can sometimes become clogged as items in the basement move around through the water.  

  3. Use a wet-dry vacuum. Even if you have a sump pump and drain pulling out the water from the basement, you will still need to take extraction measures to drastically reduce the amount remaining.  

  4. Turn on a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will help to remove the moisture in the air and help dry out the room. If you do not have a dehumidifier, you can use box fans to help keep the air circulating. It could take several days for the room to dry out.  

  5. Inspect the walls and flooring. Water damage can seep into the walls and flooring and lead to the development of mold. The walls need to be cleaned with water and soap. You can also wipe them with a disinfectant. Any walls or flooring that are damaged need to be removed.  

  6. Toss underwater items. Some items need to be tossed to prevent mold. Any carpeting, upholstered furniture, and paper that have been underwater or smell like mold should be immediately removed.  

  7. Check for mold. Even after you have taken measures to prevent mold, you need to check for its presence just in case there was a missed area. You can purchase mold testing kits that are completed within a matter of minutes.  

  8. Focus on waterproofing for the future. Once you have cleaned your basement, review your waterproofing efforts in the future. A plumber or contractor can help identify measures that failed before and help you develop a strategy for avoiding flooding in the future.  

There are other measures you can take to minimize the water damage from the flood. Consult with a water damage restoration service to ensure the safety of your basement and potentially save more of your possessions. 


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