3 Questions To Ask The Landlord About If Renting A House

Posted on: 30 January 2017

Renting a home can be a different experience than renting an apartment, and there are several things you may want to find out before you sign the lease for the house you want to rent. In addition to asking some questions, you should thoroughly examine the house before you rent it and make sure you are happy with where the house is, the size, and the yard. Here are three questions you should discuss with the landlord too before you rent it.

Will There Be Appliances?

When you rent an apartment, it is very normal for it to come with a refrigerator and oven range, but when you rent a house, this might be different. Some rental homes do come with appliances, but others do not. This is why you should ask and find out exactly what is included. As you do this, don't forget to find out if there is a microwave. If there is not one, you may need to purchase one yourself if you do not own one to bring.

Can You Have Pets?

A rental home is also different from an apartment in terms of a yard. A rental home is more likely to have a yard you can use, while an apartment typically will not. If there is a yard, there might be a better chance that you will be allowed to have a dog outside. If you have an outdoor dog and are looking for a rental home because of this, make sure you ask. The landlord might allow it; however, there might be rules about it.

For example, you may need to clean up after the dog's messes in your yard. You may also need to control the dog's barking habits so they do not disturb the neighbors.

Can You Plant Things In The Yard?

Another question you may want to ask involves planting things in the yard. If you love gardening and see that the yard has a perfect place for a garden, you should ask if this will be alright to do. You may also want to ask if you can plant flowers around the house, or if you will be allowed to plant bushes or trees in the yard. Finding out how much freedom you have with the yard is a great idea if you love yard work.

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