Effective Ways To Maximize Your Visit To An Open House

Posted on: 27 January 2017

In the process of shopping for a home, attending an open house is often your second step after viewing an online listing and believing that it meets your criteria. When you visit the home, you'll get a chance to tour through each room, ask the listing agent any questions you may have, and work to develop an idea as to whether you might wish to submit an offer or schedule a follow-up private showing that you can attend with your real estate agent. Open houses can seem a little overwhelming to new home buyers, especially if the house is crowded and there's a lot to see. Here are some effective ways to maximize this experience.

Write Down Notes In Advance

As you look at the online listing before the open house, you may have specific things that you want to check or ask about. Don't trust that you'll remember everything — it's easy to get distracted when you attend an open house. Write down a list of notes that you can reference when you attend the open house. For example, you might wish to measure the square footage of a room that doesn't have the measurements listed online.

Don't Be Afraid To Open Doors

Walking through an open house can make you feel a little as though you're invading someone's private space. And, while this might be partially true, you have to remember that the homeowner knows that people will be meticulously inspecting the home. Don't lead your fear of seeming like a snoop leave you with questions by the end of the event. For example, it's perfectly acceptable to open the walk-in closet in the master bedroom, a storage cupboard in the basement, and even the cupboards in the kitchen. Doing so will give you a better idea of the home's storage situation, which is important to evaluate when you shop.

Ask For Space When You Need It

You may occasionally find that the listing agent is following you around while you move through the home. This can especially occur if the open house isn't very busy. While the agent's tidbits of knowledge about the home can be valuable, you don't want to be so distracted with the conversation that you miss noticing key details about the home. There's nothing wrong with asking the agent to give you a little space. For example, you could say, "I'd like to take a look at this floor on my own, but I'll be sure to check with you if I have any questions."

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