Appliance-Related Options To Pursue When Buying A Home

Posted on: 27 January 2017

When you've identified a home that you plan to buy, you've likely evaluated the home's various appliances and evaluated them against what you own and may wish to move into the home with you. There are a variety of potential appliance-related challenges that you may face, but none should be so large as to prevent you from submitting an offer and buying the house of your choice. Here are a few varied options that you can pursue regarding a home's appliances.

Adjust Your Offer Accordingly

Some people wish to move into a house that already has appliances; this is often the case if a buyer doesn't have appliances or those that he or she owns are older or less desirable than those currently in the home. However, if you have appliances and the real estate listing specifies that the appliances will be left in the home, you may wish to lower your purchase offer by the approximate amount that you deem the appliances are worth. Your agent can also explain this approach to the listing agent, and this could compel the seller to accept your offer and decide to take the appliances upon moving out — a desirable scenario for you.

Ask The Seller To Remove The Appliances

Regardless of how you plan to structure your purchase offer, there's absolutely nothing wrong with including a request that the seller takes the appliances away upon moving out. Whether he or she keeps them, sells them, or discards them isn't a concern to you — as long as they aren't in the house when you move in. This is an ideal scenario because you'll be able to move the appliances that you own right into their appropriate locations.

Sell Or Donate Them

If you don't want the appliances but don't want to argue about them with the seller, simply don't reference them during the offer and negotiation process. Then, upon moving into the house, you can take the appropriate course of action with the appliances. If you inspect them carefully and deem that they have some value, consider keeping them around for an upcoming garage sale or listing them for sale on your local classified website. Provided that they're functional, you may also wish to donate them. Contact some local charities, including shelters, and see if they might have a need. In many cases, such organizations will send a pickup crew to your home to collect the appliances.

For more tips on how you should handle appliances in the house buying process, contact a real estate agent.


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