3 Things You Can Do to Sell Your House Faster

Posted on: 18 January 2017

Need to sell your home fast? Here are three things you can do to help make it happen:

Stage Each Room for Possibilities

An excellent way to increase attraction among potential buyers is to stage each of the rooms in your home in a way that shows anyone who tours the home all the possibilities that it has to offer. If possible, store all your personal belongings in the basement, attic, or self-storage unit and leave out only basic furniture and décor.

Give the walls a new coat of neutral-toned paint, and place throw rugs over any areas of the floor that need a little TLC due to stains or wear and tear. Any special features in rooms throughout your home should be enhanced with props or knick-knacks if necessary. The idea is to make the place look livable yet in a setting that's like a blank canvas so prospective buyers can imagine their own belongings there.

Make Your Open Houses Interactive

Instead of just showing people around your home during open houses, create an interactive experience that will help buyers realize how productive the place is as they tour through it. Consider hiring a cater to prepare appetizers in the kitchen while guests browse the house – buyers will have something that's tasty and satisfying to snack on while realizing how useful the kitchen space is.  

Start a fire in the living room and hire a guitar player to perform next to it as people arrive at the open houses. You can also recruit friends and family to do laundry, barbecue in the backyard, and play board games in the family room during the open house. These are all activities that will help show potential buyers the functionality, comfort, and convenience of your home.

Commit to Doing Follow-ups

By following up with potential buyers who show a keen interest in making a purchase, you will show them that you're serious about selling and that you care about taking care of their questions and concerns quickly so the sales process can begin. Get a phone number or email address from buyers during meetings and open houses and reach out to them a few days afterward to see if there's anything you can do to help them make a final buying decision. Make sure they know how to get a hold of you too, so they're able to make contact when they want direct communication.

These tips and tricks can be done without the help of an interior designer, contractor, or other expensive service providers. Everything should be easy to implement when working with a reliable real estate agent. 


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