Four Things To Consider When Purchasing A Home That A Wheelchair Bound Child Will Be Living In

Posted on: 16 January 2017

When you have a disabled child, finding the right house to raise them in is very important. If you are searching for a home for your family, it can be overwhelming when you have to take the specific needs of your disabled child into consideration. The guide below provides you a checklist you can follow to ensure that the home you purchase for your family will suit everyone's needs nicely.

Consider the Placement of a Ramp

You need to consider where a ramp can be built to allow your child to easily get in and out of the home. Look around the house to see if there are any open areas near the front or back door where a ramp can be built. If there are a lot of trees in the yard, a few may need to be cut down to allow the ramp to be created.

Consider the Transformation of a Bathroom

When you have a child in a wheelchair, it is important to make accommodations to the home that makes life easier for them. An example is transforming a bathroom to suit their needs. There needs to be a shower that they can pull their wheelchair directly into so that they do not have to worry about having to lift themselves over the edge of a tub. Also, there needs to be grab bars installed for them to hold onto when they need to get off of their wheelchair and onto the toilet.

Consider A Motorized Stair Lift

If you are considering a two-story home, it is important to realize that a stair lift will need to be installed in the home for your child to be able to get up and down the stairs safely. You want to be sure to consider this cost when narrowing down the home options that are available to you.

Consider a Home with An Open Layout

A home with an open layout may be the best option for your family because it will allow your child to travel freely throughout the home and allow you and your spouse to have a clean line of sight on your child at all times. This allows them to get the freedom they want, while still having the protection they need.

When you meet with your real estate agent, they need to know all of these things. By knowing these crucial elements you need in a home, he or she will be able to narrow down the options that are available to only those that will suit you and your family's needs perfectly. It will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

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