Stay Safe While Waiting For Lockout Assistance

Posted on: 14 December 2016

If you have been locked out of our car in an area that's away from home and it is night time, then you want to make sure you stay safe while you wait for lockout assistance to come and get you back in your car. If you are parked in a business parking lot and they are still open, then the obvious thing to do will be to go wait in the business. However, if you are parked somewhere else, then you'll be more vulnerable to being victimized by criminals and you'll want to take steps to stay safe.

Go to a well-lit area

Look around and find an area that offers you the most lighting. By standing in a well-lit area you will be able to ensure that anyone who passes by will be able to see you and this means they can help you if something happens, and criminals will also be less likely to mess with you for that very same reason. You do want to make sure you are still close enough to your car that you can get back to it in time when the lockout assistance arrives.

Don't use your phone unnecessarily

You want to leave your phone alone while you are waiting for help for a couple of different reasons. The first reason is so you don't wear down the battery. If your phone dies on you while you are locked out then you won't even be able to use it to dial for the police if something happens while you are waiting for help. Also, if you are using your phone and something happens, then you will need to get back to the dialer to dial for help. If you are in a situation where every second counts, then this can pose a real problem.

Look confidant

You are more likely to be victimized if you look like you are timid. Stand with confidence, with your shoulders straight and your head held high. Be alert to everything going on around you and look like you are comfortable and confidant in your surroundings.

Don't engage

If someone suspicious approaches you and tries to talk to you, be stern and short with them. Maintain eye contact and don't look away from them. Try to keep a good distance between the two of you and let it be known that you have no interest in keeping company with them.

Following the tips provided above will help to decrease your odds of being victimized while you wait for lockout assistance to get to you and your car. For more tips, contact a company like A-AAA Locksmiths, LLC.


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