Inspecting The Wooden Trim Work Of A House

Posted on: 29 November 2016

A home is more than just a utilitarian structure to provide protection from the weather. Decorative housing designs also provide an intangible element of aesthetic satisfaction. Individuals in search of a suitable home can evaluate a house based on the quality of the wooden trim work built into several areas of the building.

Porch banisters

The first trim work you are likely to see when approaching a house is its front porch banisters. There may also be a handrail on each side of the porch steps. Although front porch banisters are largely decorative, a handrail at an entryway should be capable of providing assistance to anyone needing that support. Even if you need no walking assistance yourself, evaluate all entryway handrails for their ability to support future guests.

Base molding

Once inside the house, you are likely to notice that much of the visible trim work consists of wooden molding. Molding essentially provides a decorative seam between the wall and floor, as well as between the wall and ceiling. While walking through each room, examine the shape of the molding and how snugly the many sections fit together.

As you move on through the house, all areas may not have molding. Previous owners of the house may have decided not to install molding in an unfinished basement or a utility room. In those unfinished areas, however, molding may be useful to reduce the movement of air between the room and the inner cavity of the wall.

Crown molding

Some rooms may contain thicker molding installed at the top of the walls. Because of its higher location along the edge of the ceiling, crown molding can occupy more of the room space than base molding. Crown molding creates a dramatic visual effect when highlighted by a lighting source in the middle of the ceiling. To observe the interaction, switch on the overhead lighting in each room with crown molding.

Outside wooden deck

If a wooden deck is attached to the house, take the time to determine how well the deck has been maintained since its construction. Look for any excessive splintering or graying of the wood. Over the years, even wood that is pressure-treated should be occasionally stained to help maximize its useful life. Banisters around the deck are not just for decoration. Someone may eventually brush up against a banister, so they must be attached securely to the deck floor.

Additional trim work can also be added to your house after you move in. Contact a real estate company for assistance in viewing houses for sale.


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