Staging Your Home Exterior And Living Room For A Sale

Posted on: 23 November 2016

Staging a home for a sale often has the effect of making your property more appealing in the eyes of potential buyers. If done correctly, staging can make more buyers interested.  

A seasoned real estate agent can assist with your staging efforts and help get the word out on local listing websites and magazines. The exterior and the living room are the two areas most buyers will notice first, so here are tips on how to stage them on a low budget. 

The exterior

A dull, cluttered exterior can turn buyers away before they even get inside the home. Begin by painting the exterior to boost curb appeal, paying attention to the doors, siding, trim, and shutters. If the doors and shutters have different colors, consider repainting them in a standardized neutral color that will be more welcoming to conservative buyers.

You should also clear clutter such as old mulch, fallen branches, and leaves from the yard. Next, ensure the lawn is mowed and edged neatly and consider adding new soil and stones. If the lawn is in bad shape after years of neglect, you may want to lay down a fresh layer of sod a few weeks prior to placing the home on the market so the new grass sprouts and looks lush when visitors start streaming in.

You can also place some fresh mulch on your garden and add potted flowers on your doorsteps and windowsills to revitalize the exterior. Bright plants and flowers on entryways can also catch the eye and make the home feel welcoming. Finally, give wood railings a fresh coat of paint or stain and hose down the sidewalks and siding to give the exterior a clean, fresh look. 

The living room

Begin by clearing the room of family portraits and try different furniture arrangements to let in more light and make the room look neat and spacious. Too much furniture can clutter the room and make it harder for visitors to walk through, so consider putting extra furniture in storage. If your furniture is old, consider replacing it with some rental pieces.

You should also consider adding a fresh coat of paint to give the interior a fresh look. Warm, neutral colors are often preferable, as they can neutralize the space while adding visual effect. Liven up the neutral color scheme with bright pillows/rugs and get a few potted flowers to add beauty to the room. Finally, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned and dust all surfaces.


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