How To Improve Your Backyards Appeal For Potential Buyers

Posted on: 5 May 2015

When you start showing your home to potential buyers, they will pay close attention to your backyard. Don't assume they are more interested in the inside of your home, because your backyard can make a great impression. Here are tips for improving the appeal of your backyard and get your house sold.

Define Your Backyard Areas

The first thing you should do when working on the appeal of your backyard is to define the area. You probably have different areas in your backyard, such as your garden, greenery and flowers, and your patio or sitting area. It is important to define each of these areas. Think of how you will utilize each part of the backyard, and design it accordingly.

For example, if you want a sitting area in the garden, you can place a nice bench there. If you want to create a relaxing place on the patio, set out lounge furniture with a table, and some twinkle lights. This makes it obvious what each separate space is used for.

Clean and Organize

Just like you would for your front yard or inside your home, you want to clean and organize the space. You shouldn't overdo it with the decor or have a lot of clutter. People often use their backyards as storage spaces for junk, but this can create a medley of chaos that doesn't attract potential buyers. Instead, reduce the clutter in all areas of your backyard.

The patio should have minimal decor items and functional pieces. In the yard, don't try to bombard it with dozens of pink flamingos and a half dozen flags. Choose one or two of each variety of lawn decoration. Try to move gardening equipment, gardening tools, and kids' toys to another area of the home, or in the shed.

Plant More Foliage

For the landscaped section of your backyard, now is the time to add more and create a lush landscape. You can do so by not only planting flowers and blooming plants that add color, but filling in the empty spaces around the perimeter of your backyard with different types of foliage. Choose a variety of different plants and bushes that home buyers would be interested in. Planting fruit trees can also create interest with home buyers.

Increase Value and Interest With Special Features

Adding some special features to your backyard will not only be enticing for someone looking to buy your home, but it can also increase your home's value. After you have finished the rest of the backyard, consider adding more to it. If you have extra space on the patio, consider having a custom barbecue built. You can also get a Jacuzzi tub that you don't mind staying at the home, or have an outdoor fireplace built. Waterfalls and fountains may also increase the value.

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