Questions And Answers About Renovation Building Inspection

Posted on: 9 March 2015

Modern buildings are highly-complex structures, and if they are not built to the needed safety codes, it is possible for the entire structure to be at risk of collapse. Not surprisingly, building inspections are a routine part of the modern construction process, but many homeowners are shocked to learn that they will need an inspection for many renovation projects.

Yet, if you have limited knowledge or experience with building inspections, the following two questions and answers may be useful to you:

Why Do Some Permits Require Building Inspections Before And After Construction?

Many homeowners may assume that they will only need to have their home inspected once the work has been completed, but this is not always the case. Every community can make its own laws regarding the need for building inspections, and there are many communities that have mandated that these inspections be done both before and after the work. 

The pre-construction inspection is designed to ensure that the structure can withstand the modifications that are going to be made to it. Also, this inspection serves as a chance for the homeowners to learn of potential problems with the home before the work starts. This can make it less likely that you are surprised by severe structural problems. 

What Happens If Defects Are Found During The Post-Construction Inspection?

Most contractors are skilled professionals that understand what is needed to meet local building codes, but there may be times when a mistake is made. When this happens, you may fail your post-construction building inspection, and if this happens, the building may be unable to be occupied until the problems are corrected. 

Luckily, if you hired a fully licensed and bonded contractor, you will not likely be liable for these repair costs. There is almost always a clause in your contractor that states that the contractor's insurance will pay for any damages that result from the work, and this will typically include repair costs to bring a building up to local codes if the contractor fails to meet them. As a result, you should carefully review any contract to ensure that you will enjoy this type of protection. 

Having a major renovation done to your home can substantially increase its value, but these projects will usually require building inspections. By understanding what to expect during your building inspection, you will have a better idea of how these inspections protect you and you will be better prepared for what to expect from the results.

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